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Phil & Lunel Haysmer: A Many Hands History

Phil and Lunel Haysmer are the founders of Many Hands Gallery. After exploring various parts of California, they discovered the Victorian seaport of Eureka in the late 80's. They immediatley fell in love with Eureka and Humboldt County and soon after moved to Eureka and opened Many Hands. Both Phil and Lunel are accomplished artists; Lunel most recently focusing on assemblage works and Phil on the wood arts. Each of them have dabbled in a wide spectrum of different mediums, including water color, colored pencils, book making, photography, metal work, acryllic and sclupture.

After their move to Eureka over two decades ago, they opened Many Hands Gallery with the intention of combining their educations in Art and Cultural Anthroplgy together into a retail space that focused on the diverse array of work created by peoples from around the globe. Sharing their knowledge of both the art world and cultural symbolism they fine-tuned a truly astounding collection of meanignful arts from eveywhere imaginable.

In 2012, after a succesful 22 years in business, Phil ad Lunel retired to Hawaii, selling the gallery to their long-time store manager and art buyer, Astra Burke.

To learn more about Phil and Lunel Haysmer, and the roots of the Many Hands Gallery tradition please visit www.haysmerart.com.