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About the Owner

       Astra Burke is a 5th generation, life-long resident of Humboldt County. She grew up on a self-sustaining farm in the rolling foothills of northern California. Her independent self-reliant spirit honed through the homesteading life-style has led her to take on unique challenges in life. Astra has dabbled in event planning, mead making, sustainable gardening, mural painting, herbalism studies and an assortment of other creative and sustainable arts. Over the past few years  she has spent extensive portions of time traveling solo through Latin America, exploring the art and culture of the modern and indigenous cultures she encountered.

After working as the manager and buyer of Many Hands Gallery for over 8 years, Astra purchased the gallery from the previous owners who were ready to retire. She looks forward to continuing the Many Hands Gallery Tradition and taking the Gallery in new directions in the future. She hopes to integrate her personal love of travel with the buying practices of the gallery, focusing on unusual direct imports from indigenous artisans.