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Moon Eggs


These enchanting little baubles are crafted from opalescent glass. Each is a contemporarily made reproduction of tumbled glass shapes that were originally found along the banks of the yellow river in China.

Around 1900 several earthquakes shook northern China sending glass factories along the Yellow river tumbling into the water. These factories produced a popular type of glass that was often used in lampshades. The high quality of the glass made light shining through it glow with a warmth and radiance that was thought to bring great happiness.

As time passed people down stream began finding pieces of river washed glass that were smooth, opalescent and egg shaped. Without realizing the origination of the objects many people began using these magical little treasures as essential feng shui objects. The tradition entails placing a single egg in a bowl of water or a sunny windowsill and it will attract and resound positive energy in your space.


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