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Noah Bells


Noah Bells are distictive from all other bells, due to the melodic, echoing tones. Each bell is completely hand made. It's the secret family formula of smelting various metals and the individual tuning of each bell that creates the unusual resonate sound. Shepards prize these bells as they enable them to easily hear and find their flocks from many miles away. An old Indian belief is that the bells ward off evil spirits. 

The bells come in various sizes, from our XS bells to our XXL bells. 

XS~ 1" in diameter, 1.75" tall            

S~ 1.5" in diameter, 2.5" tall                 

M~ 2.25" in diameter, 4" tall            

L~ 2.5" in diameter, 4.5" tall

XL~ 3" in diamter, 5.5" tall

XXL~ 4" in diamter, 7" tall         

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