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Sergio Lub Bracelet: Textured Silver (M, L)


Sergio Lub is an American artist of Russia descent, born in Argentina; he immigrated to the USA in the 1960s and now resides in California. An avid researcher, he explored every continent to learn his craft. From the Andes to the Himalayas Sergio met with master craftsmen who taught him ancient metalworking techniques and shared their fascinating beliefs of wearing metals for health and vitality.

 Size Large (wrists measuring 7" to 8") - Size Medium (wrists measuring 6" to 7")

Sergio integrated his extensive research into a selection of amazingly beneficial bracelets. Each piece contains magnets and most bracelets also contain copper; both well known for their healing properties. Copper treats inflammation, aids in the regeneration of cartilage and bone as well as cleaning up destructive free radicals. Magnets have been used for centuries by Chinese practioners to increase the wearers life force or Chi. In the west this concept was recognized by science when Nobel laureate Dr. Linus Pauling found that electrolytic salts present in our blood circulate bio-magnetically, therefore the proximity of a magnetic field improves circulation throughout the body.


Each bracelet is handcrafted in the USA. They are designed to be worn at all times, aging gracefully as they last for years. Made from only solid metals, bracelets include; pure copper, sterling silver, jewelers brass & German silver. Each bracelet is hand formed and heat-treated to retain their malleability and adjust to a perfect fit. The magnets inlaid on the inside at each end, are made of rare earth neodymium and have a permanent charge of 4,000 to 5,600 gauss per bracelet. When worn, the magnets naturally cover the acupuncture points of the wrist. The positive pole is by the makers stamp, you may want to wear it first on the outside and then on the inside of the wrist to feel the difference.


We often offer each bracelet in only one size for online purchase. If an additional size is desired please contact us for availability.