Handmade items from local makers and international artisans
Supporting the ethical wages of artisans
Everything has a story to tell
echoes of the past reveal their secrets
Handmade items from local makers and international artisans
Supporting the ethical wages of artisans
Everything has a story to tell
echoes of the past reveal their secrets


Tell your story with the unique, unusual and meaningful

Day Of The Dead

68 products

Holiday Decor

78 products

Liscom Hill Pottery

208 products

Nesting Dolls

34 products

Haitian Steel Drum Art

52 products


38 products

Paper Star Lanterns

45 products


270 products

Sand Paintings

13 products

Candles and Incense

34 products


33 products

Chimes, Bells and Musical Instruments

84 products


127 products


393 products

Historic Reproductions

45 products

Journals, Day Planners, Address Books and Calendars

78 products

Tarot, Runes and Oracles

19 products

T-Shirts and Clothing

45 products

Wedding Gifts

41 products


75 products

Wallets and Cardholders

34 products


30 products

Baskets and Bags

4 products

Surprise Boxes!

2 products

Meditation Objects

35 products


93 products


24 products


117 products


30 products

Redwood Creations

35 products


10 products

Locally Crafted

133 products


18 products

Gift Cards

1 product

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A Few Of Our Favorite Things

Day Of The Dead T-Shirt - Red Cowboy Short Sleeved
  • $28.00
La Catrina - Frida
  • $36.00
Reverse Painted Wall Tile
  • $21.00
La Catrina - Senorita Rosa
  • $39.00

Sold out

La Catrina - Senorita Azul
  • $30.00
La Catrina - La Boda
  • $39.00
La Catrina - Frida
  • $39.00
Copper Skull Ornament
  • $27.00
Day Of The Dead T-Shirt - Blue Cowboy Short Sleeved
  • $28.00
Day of the Dead T-Shirt - Don Quixote Short Sleeved
  • $28.00
Day Of The Dead T-Shirt - Balladeer Short Sleeved
  • $28.00
La Catrina
  • $36.00


See what people think of Many Hands Gallery

So many beautiful and eccentric and colorful items from all over the world at affordable prices! It’s like taking a trip around the world by just browsing in the store. Super friendly and welcoming culture and staff.

Gina Chapa - Thermal, Ca

Many Hands Gallery is a gem in the downtown area of Eureka. The store has a ton of local products, dishes made from wood, handmade jewelry, soy candles from a local work program, you name it. There's a ton of neat stuff to look at too, they had a huge range of old black and white pictures that was really neat. Definitely a place to check out if you're in the area.

Whitney D. - Sacramento, Ca

This store had SO MUCH stuff I wanted, and in lots of good price ranges. I got a beautiful $40 mermaid stained glass window hanging. I could have stayed much longer. They have candles, incense, high-end art, little eccentric items of all kinds, and tons more. I highly recommend it!

Elizabeth D. - Seattle, Wa

I love this place. All kinds of cool things for all tastes. I saw the mother and child statuettes and wanted one with three children. They ordered it for me and contacted me as soon as it came in. I have found all sorts of fun things from large marbles that served as eyes in a dragon sculpture to a fun little birdie chip toy, gorgeous unique jewelry to leather-bound journals. It is a must see to truly understand what they have. Keep an eye on their Facebook page, they post something every day with in depth information about it. Very informative and interesting. Love this place!l text

Ava H. - Eureka, Ca

Many hands gallery is hands down, pun intended, the best store in Old Town. They have something for everyone. Quality unique affordable gifts. And you can't beat their hours. Plus, they gift wrap anything you buy for free!

Alicia Parreira

The best place to buy gifts for anyone and everyone!

Kenna O. - Roseburg, Or

I have been shopping at Many Hands Gallery for a number of years. Their attention to detail, impeccable service and genuine warmth is what continues to bring me back time and time again. With many small businesses closing due to Covid19, I wanted to make sure that I do my part in keeping their business thriving! I made an online purchase earlier this week and then called to order items that weren’t listed on the website. As I unpacked my treasures this evening, I was overjoyed by the thoughtful touches to my order and the care that was taken in wrapping. This place turns it up to 11!

Leah Sanders - Eureka, CA
showcasing the unusual

For 30 years Many Hands Gallery has searched the globe for unique treasures

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